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Information for applicants

Application deadline for the Diploma period 2015-2017 is
1 March 2015.

Download and complete the
application form.

Applications are sent to the school by mail or to the IB coordinator on e-mail

Norwegian applicants are required to enter their applications on
www.vigo.no within the same date.

Welcome to the IB Diploma programme at Nesbru videregående skole

The IB Diploma programme is an international pre-university course that constitutes year 12 and 13 in the Norwegian school system (Vg2 and Vg3). Internationally the programme constitutes year 11 and 12 in most educational systems.

The programme is an academically challenging and balanced programme of education that prepares students for success at university and life beyond. The programme is centered around critical-thinking skills and a sense of international-mindedness to prepare our students for study and work in an interconnected and globalized world.

Diploma students follow six subjects over the course of the two years of the programme. Students have substantial flexibility in subject choices allowing them to choose subjects based on their own interests while also meeting the requirements of further universities studies in Norway and abroad. For admission to Norwegian universities, all Diploma students gain
generell studiekompetanse, and they may also gain spesiell studiekompetanse provided they have chosen certain subject combinations, in the same manner as students following the Studiespesialiserende studieprogram (SSP). Admission requirements for universities in other countries varies.

The Diploma programme is more than school. Diploma students take part in various projects of voluntary work and community service allowing them to gain valuable experience from other activities alongside their academic studies. Our students also perform an individual research project allowing them to apply their knowledge and understanding in a subject and topic they choose themselves.

On this site you can find
information about the IB Diploma programme, the subjects offered at Nesbru videregående skole and advice about choosing subject combinations. Current students will also find various resources for admission into higher education.

Visit our school homepage www.nesbru.vgs.no for more information and recent news.

For an overview on the IB Diploma programme, we suggest you have a look at this video from IBO: